Blue Cave AC2600 Wi-Fi router is released by Asus – Check the features of Routers with a Hole in Middle

Features of Blue Cave AC2600 Wi-Fi Router

ASUS is a tech company from Taiwan has released its new Wi-Fi router. The product is named as ‘Blue cave’ at the Computex 2017 event organised in Taipei. Blue Cave is an AC2600 dual band Wi-fi router which is equipped with many features. Some of the highlighted features are

  • built-in security
  • Fast connectivity to stream 4k video
  • Supports the maximum number of clients devices simultaneously .
  • It has a in-built Wi-Fi radio.

Blue Cave AC2600 Design

The design of Blue Cave AC2600 is quite unique than other. The dual band Wi-Fi router is seen as a Blue colour hole in the middle , which seems like a mini woofer.

Height & Weight Blue Cave AC2600

In this hole there are blue LED lights to awash he space with blue lights. The dimension of Blue Cave AC2600 is 160 x 160 x 80 mm and weighs about 1.76 lbs. You can easily put this sized router anywhere in House or office.
The design of ASUS’s modem has now removed the ugly antenna from the top. The antennas are located on the four top corners from blue hole to direct the signals.

According thier R&D team , the device is capable of providing a wireless network of 1240 Mbps which is 20% better than standard AC2600 routers.This could be done by using Intel’s latest Wi-Fi chipset, and Trend Micro software.

Blue Cave AC2600 AiProtection

Blue caves has AiProtection( a security feature by Trend Micro). AiProtection is a commercial security for home networks which secure all the Internet devices in your home from Hackers. AiProtection has also given a lifetime subscription of TrendMicro’s Smart Home Network.
The family Overview feature allows you to smoothly screen & control every connected family’s device & app usage right from your smartphone. Blue Cave has provided an official app which can control this router. There are various controls like
  1. monitor usage per user
  2. network activity
  3. security reports
  4. restrict apps.

As if any hacker tries to hack the router’s network, AiProtection detects a hack & the app send the notification to to user’s smartphone immediately.

Blue Cave AC2600 Wi-Fi router
Blue Cave AC2600 Wi-Fi router

Support for Blue Cave AC2600

  1. Smooth 4K UHD video streaming
  2. Lag-free gaming
  3. IFTTT and Alexa.
This helps the user to automate thier tasks for any IFTTT equipped device or service.
& also help the user to communicate of other IoT (Internet of Things).

ASUS Blue Cave Release Date

The releasing date is not yet announced by ASUS.

ASUS Blue Cave Price

The cost of ASUS Blue cave is expected to price as $ 180, as the released is finalised.

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