Business apps for management in small & large Business in 2017

If you have a running business & you want to use technology for it. Many business apps that can be used to convert a plan to reality. Most businesses have moved on from the conventional technologies to the 21st century tech needs.

Business Apps in 2017

There may be many who are still deciding the ways to use the technologies in their business from the various options. In today’s world you can choose any of them by knowing a little about them.
There are many options to choose from these business apps. I hope, reading this article will help you to decide & get better results than now.


This cloud service has integrated many operating systems in it. There are chat rooms & .gif that can let you aware about many other things. You can also invite guest workers or freelancers that can work with your organisation without knowing about the internal structures of your business.

G Suite

Google has integrated all its technology for the business organisation regardless of its size. The package consists of calendar, Drive, Docs, Gmail & the intelligent cloud service. The cloud service has evolved from before & includes machine learning that makes G Suite as an assistant to your business tasks.
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Office 365

Microsoft has used the cross platform strategy that let you access the files from any device of any platform. This will let you share the thoughts & ideas to every client. If slack is not suitable for you then Office 365 must be good to use.

business apps
business apps


Skype is a part of Office 365 but still it is written separately. Because of the features like Shoppers worldwide, cluster screen sharing & some simple features helpful in business for small enterprises to become popular in world.


DropBox is a good file syncing service that provides you 1 TB of storage for $10 per month. Your business files are stored securely with higher levels of security. DropBox has started some other services like DropBox Paper which helps the employees to work in collaborative manner.


Quip has added many good features of Google Docs & slack. That means the storage & collaborative working from Google Docs & platform independence from slack. Quip is all about messages & notifications which can be accessed from a device. A device can be an Apple Watch also. Any person can feed the commands easily. It can also work with other services too.


Box is mainly famous for file syncing but it is helpful in many other aspects. It can consolidate notes between groups & transferring random thoughts to the team like a discussion. If the features do not match with your company’s culture then you can integrate it with some other service like Microsoft, Google etc.

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I hope, this may help you in your decision. You can ask any question regarding this in comment box. I will be grateful to help you.. Follow us on Facebook for more Updates. Thank You.

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