Trending Technologies in Computer Science Jobs in 2017

In this article we are here to tell you about the trending & most demanding jobs in 2017. May be you know some of them. But you will get to know some more knowledge about the computer science jobs after reading this article.
Earlier there was less job for computer science but not now in 2017. This year will be golden period of Computer Science students. Computer Science jobs will be one of the expensive one. Students will be hired according to their preferences. Students will be hired according to their field of interest.

Computer Science Jobs 2017

The reason for this is very obvious to all of us. The need of technology is more than previous years. Technology has a demand everywhere. The need is same whereas in small office or any big financial firm. Computer science jobs will be grown everywhere. If you are pursuing a computer science degree or seeking for any computer science job then you must be aware about all the technological advancement in the world. This help you to know about the jobs in which you can be recruited. For ex Cyber security is one of the biggest job in Banking Industry.

Trending Computer Science Jobs 2017

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: – Artificial Intelligence is one of the controversial topics for mankind. There is a scene of Terminator Movie in everybody’s mind. But still there is a huge investment in the AI field by the Major IT companies. There is prediction of investment of 38 million US dollars in the Robotics in 2018. Facebook, IBM & Google & investing their big share in the field. These companies know that there are so many real world application for the same. These application can change the whole world in a second. However the Robotics field is still in the preliminary stages of development.

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  1. Big data analytics: This is marked as one of sexiest jobs in 2012. This job has attracted many experts. Big data analytics is basically examining a large volume of data & to find out any pattern & examine the preferences of customer. This will help the examiner to make more accurate decision in the betterment of company’s service.
computer science jobs
computer science jobs
  1. Computer assisted Learning: – This is one of the kindest application for the physically disabled students. A teacher has to focus more on every disabled child to let him understand the basics of education. This application of computer will focus on every child better than a teacher. However it can’t replace teacher, but this will help the teacher let him teach the student in more effective manner.
  2. Bioinformatics: – A very simple application of working with software & computer science that will work with medical companies. As Medical field has a lot of data to work with. There is a huge period of time spend in the analysis of data. The applications that can work with the medical data will provide better results in medical field.
  3. Cyber Security: – As everything is online now. The data whether it is personal or sensitive needs to be protected in the online world. In other words. The protection of data is now a need for everyone. From 2007 to 2013 the cyber security jobs has grown 3 times than any other field. This topic was once touched by Former president Mr. Barack Obama. If anybody is interested in the Hacker jobs than I have some tutorials for the beginners.

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