Facebook seen option can be turned off via Facebook Unseen Extension

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In this article we are going to tell about the simple which can let you read a Facebook message without let your friend know about it. You can read all the messages without leaving the facebook seen option in the message window.

How turn off Seen on Facebook Message (Facebook seen option)

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world. Any person who is in a good social state has a Facebook account for his personal life. We contacts to our friends & family to stay in touch with them.
Some times when we are talking to someone & the person becomes so restless that we like to ignore them but we want to see the messages send by them. Now the real problem arises, the problem is that if we are going to read the messages then the seen option will tell him about this action. Often we have thought about this if we could be able be read the message & don’t let them know about this.
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Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension (Turn off Facebook seen option)

Now you can do this by using a chrome extension. This chrome extension is named as Facebook unseen extension.

facebook seen option
facebook seen option

To enable this extension, you have to follow these steps.

  • First of all update your chrome browser.
  • Now install the Facebook unseen chrome extension in your chrome.
  • You add this by simply going to chrome app store. click here to install this extension.
  • After the installation is done, you can see the icon is shown on your chrome browser.
  • You can use this by clicking on the icon. A click will act as a ON/OFF switch for the extension.
  • When it is on, the Facebook seen option will be disabled in the Facebook account.

Now if you have read the content just use the extension to hide your seen option in the Facebook.
This can be used by everyone, especially girls who are spammed by some boys. There are many persons who keep annoying you by messaging at any time & ask to reply you. You can use this extension to stay away from those people.
This can also be used against your gf/bf to let them stay away for a while. I am not suggesting to make any cheat on them, but this can be used by you, when you are tired or not in the state to talk.
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