Some Snapchat tricks that are new to a Snapchat User in 2017

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In this article we are describing about the features of snapchat, if you are new to snapchat then you must be unaware about the amazing features of snapchat tricks. To know more stay with our article to know more about it.

Snapchat Tricks in 2017

This article is dedicated to the snapchat tricks that can be used in snapchat. I am going to describe seven snapchat tricks in the article.
The filters used in a snapchat account provides us a different experience in the social networking world. Many of you don’t know that you can use two filters at one image. One filter is an image filter & another is data label filter.
Apply the first filter on the picture & click one finger on the screen to switch on to another filter.

How to click amazing selfies with lenses

You want to click some amazing selfies. if the answer is yes, then you can do this by many lenses in the snapchat. You can insert multiple lenses in the front camera pictures.
Hold your front camera & select various lenses from the bottom, there are many lenses which you can use to make attractive as well as funny pictures.

Switch the camera mode

To switch between your front & back camera is annoying thing while clicking photos. You can switch between the camera’s by a double click.
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Reply to stories in Snapchat

A feature “Your story” let you add a picture in the story. The picture will be shwn to your friends for a day.  To do this click & press left button at same time to insert an image in the story. Your friends will be able to add comment to your story. Use the feature to shine among your friends.

Snapchat tricks
Snapchat tricks

Video Filters in Snapchat

There are some amazing features in snapchat for a video capture. As you will start recording a video, there will be three icons in the video screen. These three icon are of Rabbit, snail & rewind.
Rabbit: maximizes the video motion.
Snail: record video in slow motion.
Rewind: record the video in reverse.

Camera in night vision mode

There may be some times when you are clicking the picture in a less light area or in night time. There is a hidden feature of snapchat that let you click good pictures in the dark areas or in the night.
You can check this by clicking a picture in a dark room. You will see a half moon icon near the flashlight icon. This trick will let you test the night mode of clicking pictures via snapchat.

Send Pics from Gallery

You can send the pictures clicked before while chatting to someone. This can be done by the simply by clicking n the camera icon besides there is an icon which will show you the gallery finder icon from where you can send the gallery pics to your friend.

Video Chat in Snapchat

Video chat can be done in snapchat. You do the video call via snapchat with a glowing blue button. See whether it is enabled for you & your friend. Press the blue button from both the sides i.e. you & your friend to start the video chat. As you will leave the button, the video chat will be ended immediately.

Add Music to your Snapchat Videos

You can add the music while recording a video. To add a music you just have to play the music from your phone & the music & video recording will be recorded simultaneously. After the video will be recorded, the music will also play in the recording.
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