Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leaked Scenes – Game of Thrones new episode is available to watch

Hackers who breached the HBO company server on last week. They have leaked the unreleased episodes of Game of Thrones & also made a threat to leak more episodes. The leak could be a GoT episode or script or something else. The GoT S07E04 has already been leaked on Internet and available on various torrent websites.

Game of thrones leaked episode 5 – GoT Episodes are leaked online

You all must have known about the leaked episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4. A warning also came from the hackers that they will leak some more stuff on 5th August 2017.
An e-mail received by Variety, hackers said that they will leak one episode per week. The timing of data leak is also provided in the e-mail. The next leak was mentioned like Sunday 12 GMT. The hackers told them that they got the access of 1.5 Tera Bytes of HBO stuff.

Game of thrones S7E5 is not the end – The leak can be more

May the e-mail is not correct on the figures that they have claimed, but if they are correct on them. We will get many unaired content of HBO lying freely on the Internet.

Game of thrones S7E5 leaked -scenes
Game of thrones S7E5 leaked -scenes

The news of data breach on HBO came last week. The hack was reported for the leaks of Game of Thrones Season 7 script and other TV shows. After this news , HBO was mailed about more data breach which is claimed to a happened on other leaks very week.

HBO Shows like Game of thrones & other are leaked for Money – Hackers demand money in lieu of Security

HBO may be having a tough time for their market as the safety of their un-aired content like Game of Thrones & some other shows. The CEO of HBO has confirmed the hack on their data leak . They also confirmed that the companies e-mail systems are compromised.
We don’t know the leaks are going to happen or not, but there could be huge loss of HBO due to this data breach caused by hackers.

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