Petya is not just a Ransomware, Its a Data Wiper- Janus , Hacker behind Original Petya wants to help

Petya which was seen similar to Wannacry is not as same as before. Actually its is not just a ransomware, it was just an illusion to distract media & public. It is a data wiper which minimizes the possibility of data recovery. Even if you pay the ransom demanded by hackers, the data recovery process is too less.

Petya is not a ransomware but is a data Wiper

This could be a shocking thing to all of us. Earlier, the security firs like Kaspersky & symantec has called it a ransomware. They were right in it as the malware was asking for the ransom for freeing the data. After the recent study , they stated that malware is not a ransomware.
We all know that  a ransomware is a computer program that locks the data in your PC in encrypted form. To decrypt & free your data back, it charges an amount of fee. Bit here Petya is not a ransomware but it wipe out of your data & do not plan to provide your data back.

Petya is not a ransomware but is a data Wiper
Petya is not a ransomware but is a data Wiper

The security researchers from Come & Kaspersky has given a new statement on it. After a new study, Petya is not a ransomware but it is a data wiper.

How is a ransomware different from a wiper? Is Petya wiper more dangerous?

As you know now that the Petya is not going to give your data back. The motive of Petya infection is not money but they are just trying to destruct data files that are too important in business. After the money demanded will be transferred , there is no chances of recovering data.

Motive of Petya Attack

In 2016, Petya malware was there which could revert back the changes made by the program. Now in 2017, Petya ransomware is totally different from the last year. As we know petya in 2017 can overwrites the MBR section of the disk with its own boot loader.
According to Kaspersky, Petya represents itself as a ransomware & randomize data as the installation key. Even the attacker can’t extract the decryption key from the data & the victim PC can’t decrypt the data using the disk & the chances of getting data is nearly zero.
The users who are affected by petya wiper are shown an Email Id which is now closed by the its email provider i.e. Posteo.
Comae announced that Petya shows that it is a ransomware to influence media & public that the attack is same as Wanncry.

The original Coder of Petya Response for Petya 2017 Attack

The original coder of Petya 2016 , Janus has also announced to help the people & told that he is not behind the 2017 attack. He said he is studying the program to find any solution for the victims.

Petya 2016 & petya 2017

In the begging Petya was considered as a ransomware & spread in the world affecting companies & corporate offices. The original petya program was made in 2016 by Janus Cybercrime Solutions.

How is a ransomware different from a wiper?
How is a ransomware different from a wiper?

After the petya attack in 2016, Janus was declared dark. In 2017, Petya made another appearance, The twitter account of Janus was reactivated. At first everybody through that petya 2017 was made by janus, but after Janus have announced that this is not true.

Official Tweet by janus Cybercrime Solutions

The official twitter update is “we’re back havin a look in “notpetya” maybe it’s crackable with our privkey #petya @hasherezade sadly missed ? on 28th June 2017.

Ransomware Service by Janus Cybercrime Solutions

The Daily Beast has also specified about this tweet & said that the notorious hacker is not involved in the current scene. Many other security experts have supported the tweet.
We hope you know about the Jabus, he has opened a website on Dark web where it offers ransomware service for the criminals. The criminal gets access to the website after a little verification.
In 2016 , Petya was distributed by e-mails & spams. Janus also offers technical support to the cyber criminals.
But Janus has told that he will help in the current attack to get thing sorted. We must hope to have something good.
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