Prevent , Secure Facebook Hack from getting hacked by Hackers

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Prevent facebook password and avoid facebook hack with mobile security
Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Everyone of us must be having their accounts on it. Your accounts be prevented from being hacked by hackers if you follow these simple tricks to prevent Facebook hack.

Tips to prevent Facebook password from getting hacked by Hackers

If you talk about the security in Facebook then it is very good & secured.A Facebook cannot be hacked , but this statement is 99% correct. What about the rest 1%, some accounts on Facebook were hacked. In this article we will provide some security measures that will prevent your account to be hacked by someone. To prevent Facebook hack please read them carefully & follow them properly.
The Most Simple methods to Secure Facebook are

  1. Secure Facebook Privacy Settings
  2. Protect my Facebook Account from Block
  3. Secure your Account Facebook Message
  4. Secure Facebook Profile Picture
  5. Secure Facebook Login

Methods to prevent Facebook Hack – Want to prevent criminals from hacking your Timeline?

  1. Using key logger :- A very effective way to get someone’s passwords. Key logger is a program that will record all the keystrokes entered by the user. This record can be send by the program through the network. This method is a very smart way to get someone’s passwords. This method can trap many computer professionals too. This can be prevented by  scanning flash drive, downloading legal software & get a good antivirus to detect & clean the system.
  2. Phishing:- This is also a method where the hacker creates a replica of a website & imply the user to enter his login Id & password. If a user do not have any knowledge of the replica page then he will enter his login details which will be send to the hacker & now the hacker can do anything to your Facebook account.To prevent Facebook account from these attacks you must keep some things in mind like:-
  • don’t use Facebook from someone else device.
  • Use Google chrome for identifying phishing.
  • Don’t follow the instructions of any e-mail who ask you to login to Facebook.

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  1. Session hijacking :- This attack is prone to http website & LAN , wireless networks. In this process hacker steals the cookie of the browser where the login process is done.As no Facebook protocol has been changed to https from http. This attack is not prone now.
  2. Saved password in browser :- We always save the login details in the browser of our device, these details can be seen by the password manager of the browser & taken out from it.
  3. Firesheep Hijacking :- This is tool that is used for many unethical purposes.This attack is similar to session hijacking but it is more specific to Wi-fi users.
  4. Hacking through mobile :- Facebook users use the website by their mobile devices. Some spying software are spying on the mobile devices so that the login details can be leaked. To prevent Facebook details to be leaked , you need to uninstall unethical apps. Another tip for the same is use only trust worthy apps that are to be installed from Google Play.
  5. DNS Spoofing :- If the hacker is on the same network then he can replace the web pages with his own web pages & get the access of their Facebook. Always secure the server against cache poisoning.
  • Manage the DNS servers
  • Use different server & separate authorization functionality.

Some Other Methods

  1. USB Hacking :- If a USB that has programmed to access the passwords of your browser. This can leak your privacy & left your device in a very hasty condition. Never use anyone else USB device without scanning for virus.
  2. Man in the middle attack :- It happens when the user & hacker are in the same LAN. Hacker act as a gateway between the server & the user. This false gateway will capture all the information from the user. The process can be prevented by using a good VPN service.
  3. Botnets :- This is a network of computer that are controlled by remote location. These botnets are expensive to setup & it tries to catch the passwords in the network. Use firewalls & strong passwords to be safe from these.
  4. Social engineering :- This techniques is based upon guessing password of your Facebook by gathering more & more information as possible. Be safe & don’t share your password or other details like birthday, mobile number , your gf/bf name etc that will help the hacker to guess your password.
  5. E-mail ID hacking :- The hacker is willing to access the e-mail ID that is connected to your Facebook. If he gets the access of your e-mail Id then he can easily reset the Facebook password & login to it. Use two step verification in your e-mail Id & strong password that are too private to be guessed by anybody.
  6. Hacking Wi-fi :- If you use a Wi-fi router to access Internet & use it to login your Facebook then you must keep a strong password so that it is less prone to be hacked.If someone hacked your Wi-Fi router then he can track all your Internet traffic & access your Facebook password.
  7. Log Out is Mandatory :- People login to their Facebook & do not log out after the use. If the Facebook session is stored in the browser then the person who is using it after you will check your account & can do any activity in it.

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These tips to prevent Facebook hack described here are correct up to my knowledge. If you any questions about them , then please let us know in the comment box. If you have any other information regarding Facebook hack then please tell us. Thank you.


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