Yubico Yubikey Neo security key Review – Working and Features of Yubico Lastpass

Read Yubico key , Yubico Neo and lastpass. Also check for Yubico iPhone and detailed review. You can also see the features and working of Yubikey security key.
U2F is an open authentication standard which helps Internet users to securely access multiple online services with a single security key. regradless of any software or hardware dependency.

yubikey key Neo working and features
yubikey key Neo working and features

U2F is a key which is created by Google and Yubico from NXP. It mainly aims to provide strong public key crypto to the market. The technicalities of U2F are hosted by the open authentication industry consortium i.e. FIDO Alliance.U2F is used by many tech giant companies Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce.com, the UK government, and many more.

Origin Binding:  Defense against Phishing

A Yubikey is used to outbound the login process.. With U2F, you can authenticate your online accounts with key. The authentication is done on the legit sites. If a phishing attack will be done , then the login won’t be done. This prevents the various hacking attacks done on the various phishing attacks and stops account takeovers.

U2F Advantages

  1. Strong security :- Using public key crypto , a strong two factor authentication is done to create protection phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks.
  2. Easy to use :- U2F can be used in any platform or browsers i.e. Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla. It enables quick authentication to any number of services, there is no codes or drivers to install.
  3. High privacy  :-  It provides better security and control to your online accounts. User can get the multiple identity which is never associated with the identity. U2F creates a new pair of keys for each service and the service stores the public key. This approach helps to prevent key to leak between service providers.
  4. Multiple choices :- It provides standard flexibility and product choice. It is designed for phones and computers with different communication methods (USB and NFC).
  5. Cost-efficient :- User can buy an U2F online. It provides free and open source server software for back end integration via Yubico Developer Program.
  6. Electronic identity :- In organizations, there is a need of higher level of identity assurance. With service providers , you can bind your U2F Security Key to your real government issued identity.

Working of Yubikey

There are multiple functions of a Yubikey which helps to provide access to the e-mail , apps and the physical spaces. Yubikey is a universal key which needs no software installation or a power. It works on plug and play.
Yubikey provides security which is more than just a password now. There is no username and password to hack only the physical key.

Features of a Yubico Key

Yubico One-Time Password (OTP) :- Yubikey generates an encrypted password which can be used only once. Yubikey require a physical access to hack the online accounts to get the OTP. This feature is available on every YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.
Yubico generates a 6 or 8 digit OTP password to log in to the service. This supports OATH HOTP authentication standard. This is an event where each an every time new password will be generated for each event. The OATH-HOTP feature is available on every version of YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.

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