How to Fix red tint display on your new Samsung Galaxy S8

Smartphone users who have received their Galaxy S8 to them. Now they were enjoying the phone but there is a small issue that users are facing. Galaxy S8 has shown a small problem named as red tint display. But don’t worry you can fix the error using this in no time.

Fix red tint display in Samsung Galaxy S8

Customers who made the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ . These people have now got their phones hoping for the best Android device for the year. The display of phone known as Infinity Display which spans through the sides of display.
But there is small twist , many user have started complaining about the phone’s display. According to users there is a red tint display on the screen.
Later Samsung announced that this is not a hardware issue but it is a software issue. Samsung will provide the software update soon. The patch will be released later this week.
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if you are one of those complaining customer then here you can know the process to fix the problem.

Fix Red Tint Display
Fix Red Tint Display

How to Fix Red Tint Display problem in Galaxy S8

  • Open Settings > Display.
  • Click on Screen Mode & then on colour balance in the bottom.
  • Now three horizontal sliders will be shown to your screen. Slide them & set the display as you like.
  • Set hue in the best way you feel. After it is done exit from there.
  • You also can use Blue Light filter present is Display submenu. This feature is same as Night Shift feature in iPhones.
  • Disable the feature if solves your problem.

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We hope this information might be helpful to you. The red tint display in Galaxy S8 may solve with this. If not , then just wait for the patch release by Samsung. It will be released later this week.
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