Now Whatsapp users on iPhone can use Siri for reading Messages & other features

The popular messaging app Whatsapp has now been integrated with Siri , the digital assistant of iPhone. The messaging app now supports Persian language, some options are re-introduced in the app.

Siri Whatsapp Integration

If you are an iPhone user & install Whatsapp in the phone then this news will be useful for you. Now you can use Siri to read your Whatsapp messages.
So if you like to use Siri in Whatsapp than you can enable your Siri for Whatsapp.

  1. Go to Settings > Siri > App Support.
  2. Your phone must haveĀ iOS 10.3 or later or the option will not come.
  3. After integration you will be able to call your contacts on WhatsApp.
Siri Whatsapp Integration
Siri Whatsapp Integration

Other Updates

Another update in Whatsapp is including a reworked contact info screen. With this screen you can get more information about the contact. When you will use info link of Group & calls , you will see some enhancements.
The voice call icon is now a plus sign which shows the list of contact when clicked. You can make video or voice call whenever you like.
The Updates screen will show you to select multiple statusĀ at once and forward or delete them.
The last feature is that Whatsapp Camera will also remember the last state where it was. The two-step verification interface is changed a little.

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