How to speed up your computer using these simple tricks

How to speed up your computer using these simple tricks
How to speed up your computer using these simple tricks

Remember when your computer was new, it was faster than it was before. In this article, we are writing some of those simple hacks that will improve your computer’s performance  & speedup computers without format.

Speedup Computer Without Format

To increase the performance of the computer, we generally format the whole hard disk. But there are many other simple tricks that will make your computer better in performance. These tricks will prevent you to format the hard disk & losing the data from it. Data can be recovered by back up drive. This whole process is time consuming & non convenient.

Use these simple methods to Speedup Computer Without Format

Reboot your computer

If there is a very less decrease in the speed of computer then you can solve it by simple reboot.

Stop background Programs

There is a chance of unnecessary programs that are running in the background. You can stop them by going to Windows Task Manager & stop them. Don’t stop any process or programs that is related to any important task. A little information about the tasks is necessary for the task management.

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Don’t stop the anti-virus program if it is running on your computer.

Delete Temporary Files

Press Windows + R key. A window will open, write temp in it. A new folder will open. Select all the files & delete all the file from the folder. This will delete the temporary files from the computer. Loading these files again & again when they are not useful makes your computer slow.

Hard Disk Space

C drive must have at least GB disk space free. It will let you swap the files from one location to another.

Scan Virus infection by Anti-Virus Programs

The computer must be scanned for virus infection regularly. This must be done more strictly if you are an Internet user. You Anti-virus must be updated to check all the infections.

Hardware Problems

There could be a hardware that is not compatible with your computer. Report the problem with your manufacturer for it.

Windows Update

Update the Windows regularly. If you are using a slow Internet connection then disable the browser plugins for better conditions to update your Windows.

Memory Upgrade

For a 64-bit OS , you will need minimum 2 GB RAM. The programs stored in the Hard Disk are swapped in the RAM. If RAM space is less than the recommended, then the swapping will take time & will affect the processing time.

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