A terrorist in london used Whatsapp before the attack, UK demands encryption Backdoor

Again the technology is used for unfair means. WhatsApp which is sued to talk to friends & family is used by terrorist organisations too. The end to end encryption made by WhatsApp is used as hide out for the terrorist activities. Now UK demands encryption Backdoor for its prevention.

UK demands encryption Backdoor from Tech Companies

After the terrorist attack in London, UK demands encryption Backdoor from tech companies like Facebook , Google & WhatsApp. Due to the encryption made in WhatsApp, Terrorist are using it comfortably to complete their plans.
According the reports of Intelligence agencies, the accused Khalid Masood used WhatsApp two minutes before the attack on Britain’s Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Due to this fact, agencies are asking for a backdoor from the tech companies to prevent these attacks.

What is a Backdoor?

Backdoor is a software used  to see the private data of a device or software. This can be used by the Investigators or some anti-social people. The use of backdoor can be useful or destructive.
Amber Rudd, Britain’s Home Secretary said “We need to make sure that organizations like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don’t provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other.”
This incident has ignited the debate for the tech companies whether they should provide a backdoor for the Govt. agencies or not.
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Rudd also said that they do not want to force the tech companies for the issue, but she would like to have a discussion for this issue. Regarding this they have called a meeting with the CEO’s of Facebook, WhatsApp & Google.

UK demands encryption Backdoor
UK demands encryption Backdoor

Meeting for a Solution

According to her statement she does not want to force the tech companies for this but need to have some support to eradicate terrorism from using technology.
This incident will show us a clash between national security and digital privacy.
Two incidents also took the same level in the past.

  1. In December 2015, a terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The court tried to force apple to write a code to unlock an iPhone that was a belonging from a terrorist.
  2. In Brazil, it happens with Facebook when Govt. freezes $ 11.7 million funds & blocked WhatsApp on various occasions.
  3. France also put a heavy fine on Apple & Google for not co-operating in a investigation that includes a smartphone of a terrorist.

Please provide your opinions on this. Tell me in the comment box how it will affect the life of other people. How the tech companies should react on this issue.
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