Whatsapp Location Tracker feature is in test mode, will be realeased soon

Whatsapp is testing a new feature known as whatsapp location tracker in the newer version. This feature will be included in the 2.16.399.Read our latest news about the new update in this article exclusively brought to you by us.

New Features of Whatsapp (Whatsapp location tracker)

At many occasions when we are calling our friends to come up & cheer with us. But there is one or two friend who has always kept us waiting. What if there is a facility of location tracker in the whatsapp messenger. This feature was just an imagination before but not now.
Whatsapp will be soon a bigger messaging service in India. yet the messenger app has to compete with many other messaging app like hike , Wechat & many others. After the facebook has taken the whatsapp with them the improvement has speed up as it was before. When the company under Jan Koum & Brian Acton. This company is still working with his 50 employees.
When this messaging app was in it preliminary stages it was just a simple messaging app which was not able to send any document through it. But in journey of 8 years the application has been working in iOS , Android & windows phone. This messaging is running on 400 million mobile devices.
A large number of user are from India. This messaging is one of the favorite among the Indian youngsters. The app has replaced the SMS services from the phone. The Audio & video calling has came as an alternative to the calling via Telecom service & video calling like skype.

whatsapp location tracker
whatsapp location tracker

Whatsapp Location Tracker

A tweet by WABetaInfo claims that there was is new feature included in the beta version of whatsapp in Android & iOS. This feature can be used by your friend for any period of time. You can check that whether your friend has reached the place or not. This feature is disabled by default. If you don’t want anybody to check your location then you can disable the options. This will disable your option to check some one else location.
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This location tracker work in the whatsapp groups where you can track all the friends in a particular group. There are some rumors about one more feature that can be launched in the messaging app. Yes we are talking about the message revoke feature that can revert the message that your friend has not yet seen. There is a variation , those messages that has not yet seen by friend can be edited by you. The feature is not yet released by Whatsapp.

Working of Whatsapp

As this blog is a technical one too. We will provide you a simple working model of Whatsapp. Whatsapp works on XMPP(Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).The phone number is used by the app to create a new Identity in the app like [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net. After the installation it scans all the contact in the contact list & lists all the person who are already on whatsapp.
As the user sends the messages to any contact it is end directly to the whatsapp server. The server sends acknowledgement to the receiver until the message is received by the receiver. If from any reason the message is not received by the receiver up to 30 days then the message is deleted by the server automatically.
If you have ever noticed that if you haven’t downloaded any media file received to you for 300 days, then the media file is not downloaded to you & a message says “Ask the contact to send the file again“.
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This information about whatsapp is a very basic one. IF you like the details we have given you in the article please let us know. You can give us feedback or ask any question by writing in the comment box.

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