Facebook is next YouTube very soon – Facebook videos will be monetized soon

Facebook is going to share its revenue with the content creators. This means that the videos & other content you will be creating for Facebook pages can be monetized in order to generate income from it. May be facebook videos will be a new competitor for YouTube.

According to analysis Facebook is growing with very fast pace . In the last quarter of 2016, the profit was 51% more than the last year.As facebook is one of the biggest platform for displaying ads in the website. They are going to do something better than this.

Facebook Videos Monetisation

Last year we got some features by Facebook like live streaming. This year Mark Zuckerburg will show your videos with ads & give one part of the revenue generated to the content creators. There are many creators who were just using their Facebook fan page for the ads of their Online business. These facebook page can be directly used to generate revenue via facebook videos.
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There is a rumour about facebook that they are developing an app for the handling of videos. The featured app will help the videos to get monetized & save them to be copied. A simple mechanism that is being known about this process. The videos will be shown in the news feed & the videos that will get more views will be shown on the trending news so the video can get more views.

Facebook videos
Facebook videos

Facebook Videos or YouTube Videos

This move by facebook will attract the content creator from the YouTube to facebook. The videos that were monetized in just YouTube will be shown on Facebook too. This will also show some new level of competition within the content creators in Facebook & YouTube.
Facebook which was just a way to connect with friends &family. For small business it was a way to create some ads in the business. From the day after this step your videos will earn some income for you.
Facebook has already shown their interest into converting them to a social networking website to a media company. This social networking giant will get some trends for the content creator.
We don’t know when the facebook will monetize the videos but as soon as it does. I too have a Facebook page for this blog. Please give a like by clicking on here.
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