Whatsapp has new Feature of 2 Step verification , learn how to activate this

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In this article we are going to talk about the new feature of WhatsApp. This feature is a security feature of WhatsApp. This will enable the user with more security as there are some chances when the hacker could be able to check the messages by multiple login process. This is called WhatsApp two step verification 

WhatsApp two step verification feature

Now WhatsApp has solved this issue. In the updated version two step verification WhatsApp will not let you do this. Read us in the next para to enable this feature.
WhatsApp has given a new security feature for its messaging app. The new feature is two step verification. In the newer version if you want to create a account on WhatsApp then you need to have the two step verification in WhatsApp. This is done by a six digit number
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WhatsApp is improving its services in terms of security. Last year there was a new feature introduced that was known as end to end encryption. Now there is a new feature that is called two step verification. This will be done by using six digit passcode & e-mail address.

PassCode & E-mail Address in WhtasApp

It will send you a six digit passcode which is send you to on SMS. After this you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. In case you forget or missed the passcode then you will easily get this from your e-mail address. This feature has some more restrictions.

First one is that if you want to re-verify the WhatsApp account then you will have to wait for at least one week. And the second one is after a specific time, it will ask you the passcode so that you could remember it.

How to enable WhatsApp Two Step Verification

To enable two step verification WhatsApp in your smart phone, you have to update the application in the latest version.
After this go to Settings> Account > Select Two step verification to enable this.
As I told it will ask your e-mail address & the passcode send to you. After the whole process , this new security feature is installed in your WhatsApp messenger.
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