Microsoft revealed the type of data that it is collecting from your PC

A doubt was always kept by people for Microsoft that Windows 10 is collecting some data from your PC secretively. For a long time , they did not talked about it. Now Microsoft officially announced the data capturing process openly after the release of Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows 10 Creators Update

You must have seen that there are three features for a user to choose from. i,e. Basic, Enhanced, Full. All three options classify you for the data collection process. There was no option to keep you out from this collection.
No official announcement by Microsoft was before about what data is taken from the PCs. This raises a question on the privacy concerns of the Windows users.
Now after the release of Windows 10 Creators Updatethis data collection process is revealed by Microsoft itself. This revelation is done after two years after the release of Windows 10.
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Windows 10 Creators Update which is available from 11, April has given an option that can customize the Privacy settings section.

Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update

While you will upgrade through the Windows 10 creators update, a Privacy settings section window will be shown to you & ask you to toggle some options that are written below.

  • Location – Allow to share your location with Microsoft.
  • Speech Recognition – Keeps your voice sample through cortana & keep it as a sample with them.
  • Tailored experiences with diagnostic data – Data to offer you recommendation about data.
  • Relevant ads – Your interest that let them show you ads based on the interest.

On Wednesday , Microsoft has revealed on their official site about the data  they are collecting from the users.

  • Basic :- This collection has a limited set of data like basic device information, quality-related information, app compatibility, and Windows Store. This data is helpful for the smooth running of a PC.
  • Full :- The data for Full version is common data; content consumption data, linking, typing, and speech utterance data, and licensing and purchase data, software setup and inventory data, product and service usage data, browsing, search and query data.

Windows Collecting Private data from your PCs

According to Mr. Terry Myerson “the transparency would allow users to make “more informed choices” as the company starts rolling out its new Creators update to the operating system”.
This transparency in Microsoft policy has came after the  clash between the European Union regulators who stared pressuring Microsoft to change their data gathering policies.
They need a full report from Microsoft about the data they have collected in the long time. Microsoft is trying to cop up with the European Union regulators to find a solution for people.
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