Android Customization Apps that you should use in 2017

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Android OS has become one of the most popular smartphone OS. There are so many apps & games that shows more & more functional. These android customization apps are available for many daily life need. You can use android custom apps in the phone that can enhance your phone’s performance.

10 Android Customization Apps to be used in 2017

Here I am going to discuss some android customization apps that will help you to improve performance, battery life etc which can improve your experience on your phone.

Screen Guard – Privacy Screen

Many times it happens when someone is staring on your phone & you are talking to someone privately. Using this app you can hide your screen contents while someone is watching is on the same time. The color of your screen will change color such that only you can see it. There are filters inside the app which you can select like screen dimmer, blue light cutter. The app is free with some limited features . if you pay $1.99 for it youcan use the full features of this app.


This app changes the appearance of the phone. If you like rounded corner of the screen like xiaomi, LG or SAMSUNG then you can use the app to change something in the phone. Premium version of this app costs $0.99.

Franco Kernel Manager Updater

This app is useful to improve the performance of your phone & battery. The app is available only for rooted phones. The premium version of this app costs $3.49.

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ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app

This app is useful if your phone needs some more RAM. It is a very popular app for RAM expansion. The RAM can be expanded up to 4 GB. Many other features are also used in the app. Download it check it for a while.

Fingerprint Gestures app

Most of us think fingerprint app is only used to unlock the phone. But if we use many gestures created by a finger, then these gestures can be used to open an app or something else. You can have many features if you install the app.

Android Customization Apps
Android Customization Apps


This app is a sound manipulating app. With this you can change the sound quality of your phone. Not only phone the app can work with external speakers. You can only use the app with a rooted phone. The equalizer option of the phone will give you amazing outputs.

MUVIZ Nav Bar Audio Visualizer app

This app let you edit & customize the audio & navigation bar of the music player. with this you can create ant visualizers in your phone. You can select various shapes, colors, sizes, transparency, etc. The app can customize a music player , streaming app or even YouTube. It is available for rooted & non-rooted device.

Energy Bar app

The battery status is shown in this app. Many of us know that this is an inbuilt feature of an android phone. With app you can change the appearance of your battery notification. The color of percentage that is left.

Tile Extension for Nougat app

There are not much custom options for an android phone. This app is quite helpful in the custom options like brightness, screen timeout, ringer mode, synchronize etc.

Dumpster app

This app is the recycle bin of android device. A recycle bin is present in Windows PC. Many of us may miss the app as there is no way to recover the deleted data from Android. This app keeps the backup of every deleted app & also gives a period of time after which the data is deleted automatically . You can set the time after which the data should be deleted.
So , these are the 10 android customization apps that can be used by an Android user to enhance the functions of his/her phone. If you like any of these android custom apps you can install it & provide us your experience in using it.
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