Wikileaks new report in the series of Vault 7 : CIA Virus Control System “Hive”

The eye opener Wikileaks vault 7 has issued six documents that reveals some information about the Hive. Hive is a back-end software that is hidden as an HTTP in plain site. It is used to send information to implants while some commands are given to implants to execute them.

Wikileaks Vault 7 – CIA Virus Control System Hive

This Friday means on 14 April , Wikileaks have shown some more documents for vault 7. CIA must be very angry of Wikileaks. This can be seen from the CIA director’s speech. This time it is about the CIA project Hive.
This month many things about CIA are revealed by Wikileaks. You can read them from below.

Hive is a back end application which is made by CIA for keeping any eye on any of their leads. This application is made by CIA so that they can get the information from any target to the agents. These agents can also execute the commands in your PC & control the PC as they like.

Hive works on HTTPS Interface

The best feature of this app is that it works on HTTPS interface, which can cross any suspicious scan. There is almost no feature that can detect its presence.
According to these documents Hive has two basic functions i.e. “beacon” and “interactive shell”. Basically it works in two modes full featured mode & limited featured mode.

Wikileaks vault 7
Wikileaks vault 7

Hive works in various platforms like Windows, Linux & Solaris, Mikrotik, etc. These documents also give us a small clue that Researchers of Symantec have told us. During the research Symantec researchers have told that they have found a resemblance in the 40 cyber attacks made by LongHorn.
This all concludes that CIA is not working just with its own. Many other hacker group is also working with same intention as an ancillary unit for CIA. The researchers at Symantec has already told their results & mentioned it in a blog post.
This whole thing is happening from a month ago. In the series of these documents there will be more things to come out. If you have anything to add, then please write a comment in the comment box.
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