Top Android Tricks every Android User must be aware of

Android phones are one of the most common things of the century. There are so many users who choose android phones for the use. Most of the users don’t have any idea about the usage of phone. In this article we are providing you android phone trick & tips in 2017.

Android Phone Trick & Tips in 2017

There are many things which a normal user don’t know about. If you want to use your phone more efficiently then this article is going to help you. In this article I am going to tell all those tricks which are used by a person for better usage of phone.
These tricks will let you use your mobile to perform better in the world of new apps. These tricks are very simple to practice but gives better results to the user. They can change the personalization point of view of the android user.
So let’s start them without any delay. You should practice them for check all of them.

  1. Charge your phone when you are out for a coffee or a break. The phone can be charged by the carrying the power bank with you. This is a very lame practice. There are power wallets available in the market. They are small & not seen by as the power banks can be seen. Charge the phones while you are out with them.
  2. There are many apps in our phone which are not so used, still you cannot delete them. These apps are consuming your battery while they are not used. With a small settings you can save your battery by these apps.

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Enable the developer’s option in the phone. Every phone has different way to enable this. The most common method is
Settings> About > More > Tap on Build number seven times.
Now your developer options is enabled in the settings.
Go to the Developers option > Process Stats > All the apps will be seen there. Select any of your need & click on force start.

android phone trick & tips
android phone trick & tips

Some more Android Phone Trick & Tips

  1. If you are listening to a song & you don’t know the name of the song then you can know the name of the song by using Google app & say “What’s the song”. The name of the song is returned in the given query.
  2. If you are in a meeting &you want to answer some calls but not all. This can be done by setting a priority for a contact. Use the volume down button continuously untill the priority window comes in the screen. Select the priority of the contacts.
  3. There are many times when we are working on our computer but using phones is same important, then you can use Push bullet app in your phone & computer. This will let you transfer the notification of your phone to your computer. You can find the app from Play store.

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These are some of the tricks which I know to use your android phone in better way. If you like the information please let us know in the comment box. Thank You.

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