Top 10 Uses OTG cable which are exposed by a Tech Pro

OTG cable is one of the innovative invention for the mobile devices. The most common use of this invention is to transfer data from flash drive to mobile phone & reverse. In this article we are going to provide the top 10 uses otg cable.

Top 10 uses OTG cable

OTG cable is abbreviated on On the Go USB cable which is a very cool part in a mobile device. You can use the OTG cable with many computer peripherals. Read the top 10 uses otg cable in this article.
USB Keyboard
You connect a USB keyboard to the android phone to type long messages & even professional documents. If you will be using the touch screen for the same, it will be annoying & time consuming for you.
USB Mouse
Same as USB keyboard as explained above. If your phone’s touch screen is not working then a USB mouse can be used as a pointing device. You can also format your documents with the mouse.
You can connect a USB fan in your android phone. This fan be used in Hot weather. Technically the fan is used as the coolant for the mobile if it is overheated. This type of USB fan costs 1-2 $. You can buy a quality product in 4-5$ form any online shopping site.
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Connect a Camera
You can connect a camera’s Cable to the OTG cable in the mobile phone. This can help you to have a extended memory for your camera if the memory of your camera is full. After clearing the camera’s memory, you can click more pictures.
Connect a Game Controller (Joystick)
While playing agame in your phone you must remember your USB Game controller , with OTG you can connect both of them & play yor favorite games with more feel & better control in the game.

top 10 uses otg cable
top 10 uses otg cable

Connect USB LED light
A USB LED panel can be purchased to use it in case of powercut or if you are in some remote area.The light of this LED panel  is better than your Phone’s flash. This light can be used in video calling & clicking pictures in a low light area.
Connect a LAN cable
If you have a LAN connection but don’t have a wi-fi roter you can use a LAN to USB convertor to connect your LAN connection directly in your mobile phone. This will provide a replacemnt for the Wi-fi router & let you use the internet in your phone in with a great speed.
Connect a Portable Hard Disk
Connect a Hard disk with your mobile phone using SATA to USB port with the OTG cable. This combination will let you use the hard disk data via mobile phone.
Connect a Sound Card
You can connect headphone with your mobile phone, now you will say that this is a very conventional way. This can be used in the condition where the 3.5 mm jack of your mobile is not working. Then you can use a sound card to use your headphones.
Charge another phone using OTG
If two phones having OTG cable then the phones who is the host will start acting as the charger for the second one & will charge the phone. This technique can be used  in the emergency situations.
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