Best Android Apps that you should install in your Phone in 2017

This article will provide you the names of best android apps that are helpful for you in daily life. I have written another article on Android apps but all those were hacking apps. If you have interest in hacking then you can read it & install those apps in you device.

Best Android Apps that you should install in your Phone in 2017

So here I am talking about some best android apps that are useful for any android user.Android platform is not just a phone OS but has emerged in every field. Now you can do almost everything from your phone. There is an app for every task for your phone.
Most of us uses our phone as calculator, memo , diary & many tasks. Here I am going to tell you the name of some apps that can extend the functions of your phone.


This app is used to park you car. May be this found foolish to you, it can help you when you are parking your car in a very large area. It also helps you to locate your car if you forget its place. Th Bluetooth will provide you the directions to get your car’s location. It can also set alarms for you if you can’t find it. The app can remember the hotel & the resort where you parked it.
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Smart Tools

Smart tools is a paid app that helps you in measuring tasks. It has a set of virtual tools that can measure  light, vibration, sound, distance, length etc.
The app does not need any Internet connection to work. Only Maps & currency exchange is where the internet is must. The app is working in almost every device.

Best Android Apps that you should install in your Phone in 2017
Best Android Apps that you should install in your Phone in 2017


As the name suggest , this app is used to keep notes & memos. An E-mail,messages or anything else can be kept as a note in this. These notes can be kept in different colors. You can store these notes in you device as well as cloud. The notes can be protected with password if needed. The cloud storage is easily accessible from any pother device.
A beautiful feature of this app is that you can put the notes as a widget in your phone. This app can be a good alternative to diaries & to-do lists.


Using this app you can scan any document on whiteboard text & share it with anyone. The files will be in JPEG or PDF format. The sharing can be done in social media or email. The enhancement feature of the app will make text more clear & better. You can add annotations in your scans.


A simple unit converter app that is able to converts the unit from one to another. It supports 160+ currencies & 25 languages. If you have a small or large business, then for conversion this app is very useful to you. ConvertPad does all the conversions in real time which makes it more efficient for use.

Google Translate

This app needs no introduction. Everyone know s it can translate languages. Through some additional features are , you can use the camera to read the text & the output language will be shown in the display. More than 100 languages are translated in this app. You can also download a language package if you don’t have an Internet access in a particular area.

Key Ring

KeyRing lets you store coupons, rewards, shopping vouchers, loyalty & club membership cards in your phone. You can save the bar codes & coupon no in you phone.
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So here’s are some of the best android apps in 2017.You can install them from the links given. If you like the information please like our Facebook Page or Subscribe us for our Daily Updates in your Inbox. Thank You.

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