Google Launches a new app named Areo for food & home services for Indians

Every Tech giant is coming forward in getting the market from India. In this List Google is also included, Google is providing many services to Indians that can attract us. In this Google took a step forward , an app is launched called Google Areo.

Google Areo – For Food Delivery & Home services

Google Areo is a new app designed by Google. This Android application will show all the food places, restaurants & many home services like laundry, Beauty Salon etc. Many applications have provided these type of services. But in the case of Google , it has taken this to a new level. In a few weeks the services like mechanic, personal driver and web development will also be displayed in the app.
Areo is made upon seeking Indian mindset, where you can use any payment method. The payment method are like Online transfer, debit & credit cards , Cash on delivery. The Government of India is encouraging Indians for digital payment. Google has not included any type of digital payment for it like PayTM, Freecharge or any other.
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There may be inclusion of Google payment method soon. The app is started in Mumbai & Bangalore. Soon the app will be available for use in other cities of India. Through you can download the app & use it , but very less locations will be seen to you.

Google Areo
Google Areo

Apps Especially for Indians

Areo will show you the locations in the form of special cards. As you will click on the card , app will show you the details of the location. These card are available in different colors. Every color defines a type of location like restaurant or salon. These card will be shown to you as per your current location.
Teach giant is showing huge interest in the Indian economy. Google CEO said , India will soon become a trillion dollar economy in upcoming three to four years.
Not only this app many other apps have been developed by Google especially for Indians. Apps like  YouTube Go Beta app is the first app that is specially designed for Indians living in slow internet areas. For music streaming Google has provided a low budget music subscription of 89 rupees per month.
Google has also collaborated with government for student training, secure digital payments, grant digital skills for artisans.
In this campaign Facebook has also shown interest for many real life applications. Facebook has developed a platform for artist, photographers & many other professionals that provide more exposure to the professionals.
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