A Russian Hacker is selling Ransomware for few bucks on Dark Web

Ransomware is one of the threatening application made by some black hat hackers for the extortion among many people , businesses & hospitals. A threatening news of Russian Hacker selling Ransomware on dark web for just $175.

Russian Hacker selling Ransomware on Dark Web

Ransomware is one the easiest way to have money by threatening people after locking their data in the server & asking for money in lieu of money. Cyber criminals are very fond of using this tool for money.
The days of Trojan & malware are gone , now through some clicks you can lock someone & ask for money. The ransomware has evolved from just a software to a service. Now people are selling ransomware as a service in the dark web. Now ransomware is so easy to use that a person who is just able to use computer can throw a ransomware to any security service & demand money for it.
Recently security researchers have found a new ransomware of same nature. The interface of this ransomware is so easy to use that you can lock someone in just one infection.
This ransomware is built on open source malware toolkit popularly known as Hidden tear. This ransomware is sold by a Russian hacker for $175, named as Karmen. Karmen is being sold by Russian Hacker selling Ransomware service on the dark web
Karmen is a strong ransomware product that is based on AES-256 encryption which is almost impossible to crack until the victim pays the demanded money to the attacker & gets the encryption key.
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This ransomware has provided a web based interface on the web for the buyer to build a customized ransomware as needed by the customer.

How to Stay Safe from Ransomware

  • Browse the Internet safely.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Always keep the data backup of important files.
  • Never open any e-mails from unknown sources.

Russian Hacker selling Ransomware
Russian Hacker selling Ransomware

The dashboard is even equipped with the calculation of money that you can generate by injecting it multiple times. Anyone with minimum knowledge is able to use the interface & earn the desired amount of money using the interface.
After the ransomware is executed in the computer , it encrypts all the data & displays the message that all the data is locked & don’t mess with it otherwise all the data will be lost.
The most interesting feature of Karmen is that it also detects the sandbox & anti-ransomware software that do not let anyone detect its existence.
Initially it was started in 2016 & attacked Germany & US. The commercialization of this software started in 2017 march. Until 20 customers have purchased it & 3 of them left a positive response for it on the Interface.
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