Magentico new concept in Torrent which can't be shut down as before

People who use torrents must be aware about the working of torrent. There is a central structure on which whole network resides. There is a project called Magentico is working on a new concept that will change everything about torrents.

Magentico  – A decentralized Torrent Engine

After using torrent networks for more than a decade, we are missing it very much. Torrent like bit-torrent works on peer to peer protocol. Through the limitation of technology, the network could be built only by this way. Somebody thought of this project called Magentico , where this problem can be solved by crawling BitTorrent’s Distributed Hash Table and generating an index on a machine controlled by user.
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It;s not that the torrent networks of the previous concept is not working properly. For example Pirates Bay is working fine with the old concept. But network like Torrent Freak was shut down as it dependent on centralized network. Now due to the increased number of torrents are shutting down, a programmer Nora from Istanbul feels to have a decentralized network for it.

Magentico  new concept in Torrent which can't be shut down as before
Magentico new concept in Torrent which can’t be shut down as before

How Magentico Works

To achieve his dream Nora worked to put all conventional sites together. Bora developed a software that uses Distributed Hash Table to search for content & peers and the index magnetico will be private. In other words it works as a user’s personal search engine & can be controlled from the machine’s owner.
Bora said that the both modules are easily operated with server commands. The software is in its initial stages with many bugs.
“I am hoping to address all these issues in the next releases, after collecting useful feedback from the community,” Bora says. “I would consider myself as having succeeded if major client developers decided to push for BEP 51 and if we together make BitTorrent truly decentralised right in the protocol, rather than resorting back to the brute force solutions,” he concludes.
Bora believes that BEP 51 (a BitTorrent Enhancement Proposal concerning DHT) will soon be fully functional in the real world. Till then they are working on it to be more robust in the practical situations. Bora says that soon the day is coming.
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