WhatsApp new unsent Feature has been tested successfully in Beta Version

Whatsapp has introduced new features in the app from time to time. There are many features that are now a part of WhatApp which were started in some other apps like snapchat. Well we all know about Whatsapp unsent feature.

Whatsapp unsent feature is tested sucessfully in Whatsapp Beta version

Here we are going to tell you about a new feature which is tested in the app now. The feature was much awaited by all users. This feature let you delete the sent message for a limited time. This feature was introduced in iOS last year. Due to many bugs the feature could not be launched & taken back. Now the feature is tested again in the beta version of WhatsApp’s web version.
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This news is confirmed by the Twitter account of Whatsapp named Twitter user @WABetaInfo which wrote about the feature. According to this feature you can rollback the sent message in five minutes. The same feature is also given telegram messaging app but this tie duration is 48 hours.
The feature is available for few people who are included in the beta version of this app. This step has given us the assurance that the feature will be soon given in the newer version of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp unsent feature
Whatsapp unsent feature

Another Feature in Whatsapp is Improved

This is not the only option that will be given to users. Whatsapp users can also use the formatting options like BOLD, Italic & underline which can enhance the messaging experience.
The Bold, Italics & underline can be done still by using **, _ & ~ respectively. But in the new beat version, all these options can be used without them. You can select them as you can see.
These options will remove the need to attach **, _ & ~ in the text to make them Bold, Italics & underline. The appearance of the options may differ a little in the different version of Android.
Adding these features will make Whatsapp more popular in India.As we have heard something from Snapchat CEO ” He does not want to make Snapchat popular in Poor countries like India & spain.”. Hearing this will reduce the users of Snapchat & will be added to the Whatsapp.
Let’s see how much time will be taken by Whatsapp to provide the feature. Whatsapp unsent feature can be very good feature but the time duration is very less as compared to Telegram which is 48 hours.
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